Difference between QC11Y series guillotine beam shearing machine and QC12Y series swing beam shearing machine

-- shearing blade

The shape of the QC12Y series swing beam shearing machine(hereby call QC12Y) is diamond, there are two cutting edges, after using one term, the cutting edges maybe rough, and you can change the side of the shearing blade to use another cutting edges; The shape of the QC11Y series guillotine beam shearing machine (hereby call QC11Y) is rectangle, there are four cutting edges, and the four cutting edges can be replaced. Form the shearing life of the blade, the QC11Y will continue the double cutting time of the QC12Y.

--movement of the beam(knife-holder)

For the QC12Y, the cylinder drive the beam move down with a slightly radian, and the two cylinders of the QC11Y drive the beam to move down vertically, like a guillotine. Due to this character, the stability of the QC11Y is better than the QC12Y.

--Connection of the cylinders

The two cylinders of the QC11Y is parallel connecting, the actions of the two cylinders are controlled by the same hydraulic oil circuit, the cutting force are same at every section; the cylinders connection way of the QC12Y is series connecting, each cylinder is controlled by the independent hydraulic oil circuit, if you cut the material at the same section for a long time, the shearing blade might be easy broken.

--Shearing angle

The shearing angle of the QC12Y is fixed, but the QC11Y supply a variable shearing angle.

--Shearing thickness

Generally, the QC12Y can supply a better good cutting precision for thin plate, especially the thickness less than 4mm thickness. But the QC11Y will do better when the shearing thickness is over 6mm.




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