WE67KS-250/4000 CNC Servo Press Brake
WE67KS-250/4000 CNC Servo Press Brake WE67KS-250/4000 CNC Servo Press Brake WE67KS-250/4000 CNC Servo Press Brake WE67KS-250/4000 CNC Servo Press Brake
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WE67KS- 250/4000 CNC Servo Press brake

WE67KS-250T4000 CNC press brake



Rated Force (mm)




Distance of Uprights (mm)

Daylight (mm)

Throat Depth 





Motor Power



(L x W x H)











▲60%-70% energy consumption

▲ 30% oil consummation

moving control panel with on/off controls, emergency push button &selector for inching,

High alloy back gauge, with high rigidity in light heavy

4+1 axis

CNC controlled mechanical pulling-rod anti-crowing device(V)

FAGOR linear scale to avoid the deflection bending

DA53T CNC control system

liner motion bearings and AC servo drive for accurate position up to 0.05 mm.

Instruction of structure

--Dual servo pump + motor


The servo motor doesn’t rotate when the press brake does not work; The servo motor is rotating during the bending and returning period, and the energy consumption is 60%-70%  compare to the traditional press brake.

The hydraulic unit that connected to the cylinder directly, each hydraulic unit contains one servo motor and one oil container, the oil consummation is 30% of the oil that used in traditional press brake. It has the quickly action response, which let the beam move fast to  improve the efficiency.

--CNC control system

DA-53T CNC controller

The control system is DELEM D series professional press brake CNC control system, touch screen, 2D or 3D graphic.

--CNC crowning system

CNC crowning table

The mechanical wedge crowning device is placing under the lower die, using professional reducer and precision potentiometer to control the accuracy.

-- X back gauge

The back gauge is equipped with ball screw and linear rail. The functions of the back gauge can be extended up to 6 axis ((X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1,Z2).

-- Linear scale

linear scale

Two pieces of linear scale were installed at the uprights to supply the reliable position and re-position accuracy.

-- Quick clamping system

quick clamping system

Quick clamping system,the operator can change the tool through our quick clamping system.

--Moveable support

The front sheet support can move against the linear rail, fast and reliable.


punc and die

The machine is equipped with 1-V/2-V die. We also supply the customed tool.

250T4000 CNC press brake250 tons CNC press brake



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