QC11Y-12x8000 Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine
QC11Y-12x8000 Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine QC11Y-12x8000 Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine QC11Y-12x8000 Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine
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QC11Y -12x8000 Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machines are designed and constructed to provide high-speed shearing of blanks with clean, square edges, and to exacting working tolerances.

QC11Y series Hydraulic Shearing Machine feature the guillotine beam design ensuring consistently accurate parts while providing smooth, quiet operation. These cost efficient, quality shearing machines are available in capacities from 6mm-50mm and 2000mm – 16000mm cutting length. Unitized box construction provides for maximum rigidity and strength.

This type of guillotine beam design shearing machine, strong rigid frames, and variable angle assures that the sheared blanks are precisely cut within a minimum of bow twist or camber.


Model(QC11Y) 12x8000
Shearing thickness (mm) 12
Shearing width (mm) 8000
Cutting plate tensile strength N/mm² 450
Shearing  angle (°) 0.5-2.0
Back gauge range (mm) 20-1000
Blade length (mm) 8100
Throat depth (mm) 100
Blade material 6CrW2Si
Main motor power (KW) 45
Stroke (n/min) 6-20
Length (mm) 9100
Width (mm) 2800
Height (mm) 3400


--Variable Rake Angle Design Machines.

--Better cutting accuracy in thin sheets at lower rake angle.

--Higher cutting capacity at maximum rake angle.

--Automatic Rake angle adjustment.

--Pre-calibrated easy blade gap adjustment.

--Low noise & smooth operation gives higher efficiency of operator.

--Less power consumption.

--Better safety for operator and machine.

--Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switch.

--Front sheet support.

--Squaring arm with steel rule for front gauging.

--Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table.

--Hold down cylinders.

--Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades.

--Foot pedal with emergency stop

--Strokes can be controlled according different shearing length

--Four edge 6CrWi2Si Blade suitable to MS & SS.

High Performance, High Value, Precise Control

QC11Y Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machines are equipped with the productive features and safety devices for optimum, accurate shearing performance found on more expensive units. Feature for feature, QC11Y Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine are a smart, economical and popular choice for plate shearing.

Blade Gap Adjustment

A conveniently located motorized adjustment on the side of the machine enables the operator to accurately adjust the blade clearance.

Electronic Stroke Adjustment

For faster stroke rates, the operator can quickly adjust the stroke length to suit the job. Smaller blanks require less stroke length, thus providing faster cycling of the beam.

Front-Controlled Power Back Gauge

The standard heavy-duty, motorized back gauge is front operated and adjusted through the control panel. The gauge stop, automatic "retreat" position allows for shearing pieces longer than the extended range of the back gauge.

Rear Guards

The rear of the shear is protected by a full width gate.

Guillotine Beam Design

The beam holding the upper knife, while hydraulic cylinders mounted into the top frames generate the cutting pressure. At the end of each cutting stroke, the hydraulic pressure is released and return cylinders move the beam to the top of stroke.

The back gauge design and its interconnection with the guillotine beam gives immediate clearance to the sheared material, allow it to drop away without jamming the lower blade and back gauge.

Rugged Construction

Stressed-relieved, unitized box construction of the table and extra thick, rolled steel frames provide maximum resistance to deflection and torsional force. Increased throat depth in the side frames allows for progressive slitting of strips longer than the blades.

Pressure Sensing Hold Downs

Hold downs are synchronized with the upper blade travel to provide maximum hold down pressure at the moment of shearing, thus, assuring cutting accuracy. With shearing forces on the plate increase, the hold down pressure increases to provide optimum gripping action. At one end of the shearing machine, two hold downs are mounted close together for ease in cutting narrow strips.

Squaring Arm

All shears are equipped with a heavy-duty squaring arm which is mounted at precisely 90 degrees to the shear blades. The squaring arm has a recessed stainless steel rule in metric. The shear is also equipped with ball transfers to facilitate even the heaviest jobs. Heavy duty shearing machines, such as the shearing length to be over 6000mm, is equipped with the transferring rollers.

Modern Block Hydraulics

The hydraulic system is comprised of long life, heavy-duty components mounted on a common block. Tubes and connections are minimized, and access and serviceability are made easy. The pump is quiet and extremely reliable, and is rated for years of trouble-free service. The large capacity oil reservoir eliminates the need for oil cooler. A factory preset relief valve prevents overloading mechanical parts and the hydraulic circuit.

Hinged Inter-Locked Barrier Guards

The QC11Y Shear has a unique inter-locked barrier guard. This allows the operator to safely pick up one side of the guard in order to work short pieces. Lifting the guard disconnects power to the foot pedal. The shear will not operate until the guard is lowered into the down position.

Shadow Lighting

For fast, visual positioning of sheets with scribed lines or punch marks, an intense light is provided. The light source casts a precise shadow line for accurate positioning and shearing.

Hydraulic Cylinders

The cylinders are mounted in cutouts within the extra thick top frames for easy accessibility. Separate, nitrogen-filled, return cylinders are mounted behind the hydraulic cylinders. The return cylinders, independent from the hydraulic cylinders, automatically retract the blade to the top of stroke position during power shut down.

Blade Clearance Adjustment

The clearance between the blades determines the quality of the cut edge and the thickness of metal that can be cut on a specific shear. Excessive clearance can produce a deformed, burred edge, while insufficient clearance usually results in a secondary shear or broken edge. Proper blade clearance normally produces clean, square edges on every part.

Quality Blades

Shearing Machines are equipped with high carbon, high chrome blades.


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